Friday, June 22, 2007

Highlands Links Ingonish Beach, Cape Breton

Highlands Links #15 - Cape Breton Golf

What they have to say;
Tattie Bogle, 540 yards, Par 5 During construction, workers were instructed to pile field stone in the fairway and cover them in a similar way to which potatoes were placed in mounds and covered with thatch in Scotland. Thompson also stated, “This was suggested by the number of potato fields that one could see in this neighbourhood."

As alluded to in the 7th hole description, this hole downwind offers a thrilling chance to get home in two. To do so, the golfer must flirt with the forest and the shoulder of a hillock on the left but if he can carry the ball 260 yards, his tee ball will catch the back slope of the hillock and be propelled within 220 yards of the green. In addition, he is likely to draw a level stance. Thus, the actual playing of the 15th is every bit as spectacular as the view of Whale Island in the distance.

Nova Scotia Golf Hole

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Robert Thompson said...

Steve: A nice blog. Where are you working these days?

That said, skip Furry Creek on your next visit west. It isn't a golf course, it is a postcard. Pretty awful, aside from one or two holes.

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